Who are our Independent Professionals?

We maintain a thoroughly-screened network of
high-standing Independent Business Transformation Professionals.

If you look for a professional who fits these criteria,
please contact us.

Typical features

  • Entrepreneurial, hands-on with demonstrated track-record
  • Result-driven with a focus on implementation
  • Strong analytical, interpersonal and communication skills
  • Leadership and ability to work well in teams, motivate others
  • Applied experience in project management methods
  • Mastering a specific sector and/or a discipline
  • Willing to perform mid- to long-term missions, potentially abroad
  • Fluency in more than one language
     (besides English, preferably Dutch and/or French)
  • Open-minded, agile with a solid education
  • Independent or with own management company
  • Ethical behaviour and adherence to the QuantIM values

Join us as an Independent Business Transformation Professional

We are constantly looking for valuable additions to our network of Independent Business Transformation Professionals.

We offer you to join our outstanding network and to engage in challenging assignments and projects, while remaining independent.

Our strength lies in our capacity to identify exciting scopes of engagements and to match your profile with the requirements.

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